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A patient of Savir Center Yvonne Roberts describes the success of her therapy for low vision in the New Zeland newspaper “The News”:

“…Seeing stars was a “wow moment” for Westport’s Yvonne Roberts. She had just returned home after three weeks’ treatment at a German eye clinic. She went outside, looked up at the night sky and saw stars for the first time in years. “How could I not be happy?” she laughs. Seeing stars again has been one of her many “wow moments”. Her vision has improved from 32 to 56 percent and could reach 67 percent. She can see the transmission tower on Mt Rochfort from her kitchen window, read street signs, and see embossed patterns on wallpaper. She hopes to pick up a trowel and start gardening again. “That was also a love of mine, but it just made my eyes throb, I had to give it up.” As a realist artist she’s always admired nature, but for years could only see the shapes of the birds in her garden. “[Now] I can identify the different breed of birds on our lawn or in the trees and see their colours,” she smiles…”

Read the full article”Seeing stars after “miracle” course”(pdf)