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January 2019

History and setting

In late 2011 I began having a tearful right eye and headaches. After seeing an ophthalmologist I had an MRI scan on Dec 23rd 2011, which showed a large tumour in the right upper side of my head, which was diagnosed as a Grade 2 meningioma at an advanced stage, having grown for slowly for 17 or so years. I was admitted to hospital mid-January 2012 in preparation for open surgery, which took place March 9th.

Although the bone flap became infected after being put back, resulting in a plastic replacement, the original operation took out 95+% of the tumour, leaving some small remnants around the central artery. My anxiety, psychological manner and personality returned to what it was before my affected behaviour when the tumour took control. Since then I have had regular scans, but in February 2015, a new small tumour and a growth in an older one were revealed. The next scan was not until 14 month later in April 2016. However, before then I again experienced watery eyes and blurred sight, but as it turns out, the Eye Hospital at home made a wrong diagnosis, gave me eye drops and did not refer me back to the neuro and oncology departments.

From February 2016 I experienced further loss of vision sharpness and suffered a seizure in March and another in late April 2016, both of which were associated with sudden steps down in vision. Between those dates I had a scan that was slightly delayed from the March which, revealed to me in a mid-May visit to the Eye Hospital, had grown fast since February 2015 and had wrapped around both optic nerves. It was only then that it was confirmed there was a direct link between my loss of sight and the tumour and I began to panic.

ACS Search, Acceptance & Treatment

Being blind, confirmed on June 1st 2016, was very annoying and unnerving, whereby I suffered lack of confidence and orientation and became frustrated, disturbed, anti-social and accusative, on entering a black world.

I began a hospital course of 30 radiation treatments until August 2012 and, surprisingly, began to see some shapes and blurred outlines half way through, but the effects were minimal, appearing to cease when the tumour growth had been halted and shrunk a little by around March 2017.

However, having missed two drugs trials opportunities and, due to caution, denied a new drug that had been successful in treating malignant tumours, my husband who I had come to rely on for everything, searched unceasingly for alternative treatments- and came across the SAVIR Clinic in July 2016. After a long period of time, which involved his researching the ACS treatment for vision restoration and liaison with the clinic, I obtained the support of the hospital consultants in mid-2017 to apply for treatment. This process also took some time involving data transfer and review in Magdeburg, the application process itself, and other forms and letters. In June 2016 I was accepted for treatment at SAVIR

Results and Benefits of Treatment

My husband and I made a preliminary visit to the clinic in July 2017 for assessment and, although the clinic focuses on glaucoma and other eye injury vision restoration, I was accepted as an unusual patient as my problem was external pressure on my optic nerves as opposed to internal pressure. All internal signs showed healthy retina and good blood supply. In addition, the tumour, which could not be operated on, had ceased growing, even shrinking, and there was no indication of likely interference of sensitive components, such as the brain shunt I had implanted.

Up to that point I still only had modest low vision, mostly in the left eye. The right eye was still ’black’. I started treatment in late August 2017 for 10 treatment days. During and after this I experienced a surprising improvement in my left eye and some element of regained vision in the right, although not accurately measurable.

This was totally unexpected by all, as some ACS patients do not immediately show improvement. I began taking mineral and Ginko supplements daily on return home.

After the Eye Hospital confirmed further gradual improvement months later, we returned to SAVIR for a second round of treatment in June 2018, which resulted in a round 10% improvement in each eye, similar to the first visit, according to my own perception. A third treatment was started in March 2019 and we are waiting to see the test result. A recent Eye Hospital test in early March 2019 also indicted further improvement from the previous tests in SAVIR 2018 and Eye Hospital in late 2018, which I feel cannot be attributed to left-over radiotherapy effects after such a time. It feels like I am having surges in vision improvement during treatments and more gradual background improvement between them, possibly due to the activation of my brain and optic nerve tissue and the benefits of the homeopathic mineral tablets. I would consider these vision improvements are more influenced by the treatment over time

Feelings Observations and Recommendations

The main benefits to me have been, apart from consistent improvements in vision, including the right eye slowly catching up with the left and improvement between visits (confirmed by the most recent tests), more clarity, colour, seeing things at distance, but more so moving objects, even car number plates close up, reading or identifying large lettering.

My vision is more apparent in bright situations or sunny daylight, as contrast appears to be a major influence on my interpretations.

I can, and have been able to do increasingly, since treatment started, household tasks such as empty and fill the dishwasher, washing machine and, with the aid of some braille buttons, operate these and the basic oven settings. However for safety, I do not use knives or attempt cooking.

Psychologically I have become more relaxed; my depression has gone, now that I have some of my life back. I feel increasingly more normal, even human, confident and active. I could ride a bicycle safely in a field after my June 2018 visit, and now see the TV adequately, but better closer than 3m and even the small Sky box red and green lights (not visible in June 2018), visit the cinema large screen, notice signs, tress and faces with greater definition than at the beginning of treatment, often surprising my husband. I can do much more than I thought possible in so short a time, and will repeat ACS until the improvement benefit ceases or becomes less, declining to a level that only finances may make it unattractive, unless available in England, nearer home.

However, I heartily recommend the ACS treatment at SAVIR to all those who believe they can benefit from it and efforts should be made to expand the treatment, making it more widely available, possibly in more SAVIR or similar clinics. The main thing is, if in doubt, give it a first time ‘go’ and then take it from there.

The team at the SAVIR have been most helpful, understanding and very competent in providing the treatment, plus it is a warm and friendly, welcoming clinic environment, and an example to many others.

Mrs Janice Elaine Holroyd.

March 2019

Third visit to Savir Center: results and benefits of treatment

To the wonderful team at SAVIR, Jan and I are very pleased to have visited and completed her third treatment, since beginning in August 2017. While each treatment has shown an improvement, this visit has given the most amazing results which shows continual improvement and has given good cause to return as long as this continues. It has been great to meet new team members, but, as always, have been made welcome as usual by the lovely and very professional Elizabeth Pressel, who makes one feel part of the family.

We appreciate that some patient may not respond, or respond well, especially if it is a “first visit”, but we would encourage all to take heart from the prospect of regaining vision, and “give it a try”; there is nothing to lose. The continued help from the staff in giving information and advice on enjoying
Magdeburg, is all highly appreciated. As with all patients, the team makes the clinic experience for Jan very relaxed, slowly paced and friendly at all times. I also recognize the consideration given to me as her partner, which takes the stress out of traveling and caring. We hope SAVIR continues its success and expends in the future to help and benefit those who, so far, have not been aware of the treatment and Jan and myself have allowed her data and my blog/videos to be used for that purpose.

Again Prof. and Frau Sabel have been most kind.
With all our grateful thanks,
Jan and John Holroyd