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If you read a lot on your smartphone or tablet, or if you predominantly look on the PC screen, you should consider the following simple tips:

  • Take a look away from the monitor into the distance every 20 minutes – this will help your eye muscles
  • Blink often! Regular blinking often prevents dry, burning, itching and reddened eyes.
  • Close and open your eyes consciously, pinch them together – tired eyes will get awake.
  • Install a quiet background on your screen, a tidy desktop also relives stress for your eyes.
  • Enlarge the font and view on your desktop – in this way you will recognize file and folder names easier.
  • Avoid dazzling and light reflection on the monitor, place it at 90-degree angle relative to the window, and, if possible, position your office lamps respectively dazzle-free.
  • Beware to set your computer at the highest possible frame rate, it should not flicker – otherwise your eyes will get tired too fast.