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Dear Savir Team,

after the stay of our daughter J in Savir-Center in Magdeburg, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

The whole team was extremely competent and helpful, the atmosphere there was nice and pleasant. We have gotten many new insights and ideas, especially the new courage to live! We are now much more relaxed, and we´ve changed the way we look at Julia’s disease (glaucoma).

The most important thing is, J has benefited from the treatment!! She can now aim things better, and she can see and walk better in the bright light. During car drive, she detects more from the surroundings, and yesterday at the cinema, she recognized all the animals at “King of the Lions“, and she feels like she really “lived” in the movie. Before she always sat indifferently in the cinema, just listen. For J this is such a great improvement!!

We are really happy and thankful that Savir-Center exists, we will recommend you to others, and tell everyone, that it is definitely worth a try, even if it could make only a small step forward. The treatment, the team, the discussions with professor Sabel, his book and the tips for taken home have given us so much. We really hope that this method will become more popular, we will do our best for it!!

We will meet again in August, until then…

We wish you success, the very best wishes from S

J and B. J and J. S