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Key publications of professor Sabel (out of a total of over 200 peer-reviewed papers)

Qilin,L., Xiaoxiao, W., Lin, L., Bensheng, Q., Shihui, W., Bernhard A. S., Yifeng, Z. (2018). Visual rehabilitation training alters attentional networks in hemianopia:An fMRI study. Clinical Neurophysiology, 129.


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Sabel, B.A. (2015) Sind Gesichtsfeld-Defekte doch reversibel? – Wechselstrom zur Re-Synchronisation von Hirnnetzwerken verbessert Gesichtsfeld-Defekte: update nach 110 Jahren. Ophthalmologische Nachrichten 7, 14-15

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Comments about our work

Ophthalmologists from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA:

Connell, N., Lotfi B. Merabet. (2014) Uncovering the connectivity of the brain in relation to novel vision rehabilitation strategies. Neurology 83 August 5, 2014

Ophthalmologists from National Center of Services and Research for Prevention of Blindness and Rehabilitation of Visually Impairs, Rome, Italy:  

Turco, S., et al (2015)  Bernhard Sabel and ´Residual Vision Activation Theory´: a History Spanning Three Decades.  Multisensory Research 28, 309-330

Other publications from professor Sabel and his team:

Hou R, Zhang Z, Yang D, Wang H, Chen W, Li Z, Sang J, Liu S, Cao Y, Xie X, Ren R, Zhang Y, Sabel BA, Wang N (2016) Intracranial pressure (ICP) and optic nerve subarachnoid space pressure (ONSP) correlation in the optic nerve chamber: the Beijing Intracranial and Intraocular Pressure (iCOP) study. Brain Research 1635: 201-208

Hou R, Zhang Z, Yang D, Wang H, Chen W, Li Z, Sang J, Liu S, Cao Y, Xie X, Ren R, Zhang Y, Sabel BA, Wang N (2016) Pressure balance and imbalance in the optic nerve chamber: The Beijing Intracranial and Intraocular Pressure (iCOP) study. Science China Life Science 59: 495-503

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All publications of Professor Sabel: