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Restoring Low Vision: How to strengthen your potentials in low vision and blindness
von Prof Bernhard A. Sabel PhD

If you are threatened by or already have vision loss because of nervous system tissue damage in your retina, optic nerve, or brain, this book will help you understand and improve your condition. Optical problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness can be fixed with eyeglasses, but damage to the visual parts of the nervous system has long been considered untreatable.

This book takes you on a scientific adventure to discover brain plasticity and to learn about old and new ways to improve your vision, both medically and psychologically. Author Bernhard Sabel takes a unique look at the person you are “behind the eye,” with many practical tips to help you strengthen the vision you still have and cope with your vision loss.

Restoring Low Vision has a double meaning: changing how you think and feel about vision loss and restoring some of your residual vision. Uncover this “eye-opening” experience and start your search for hidden potentials behind the dark curtain of vision loss!

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