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Step 1

Check if your vision problem can be treated with ACS therapy. Am I a candidate?

Step 2

Contact us by email or phone. After the first contact organize your full medical file and send it to us. If available, please include:

  1. Case history of your vision problem, including description of past therapies and any surgery.
  2. Latest ophthalmologic records incl. visual fields (measured with a perimeter, such as a “Humphrey”) recorded early after the damage and the most recent visual field recordings you may have. If not available, you can describe to us what you see on each eye.  We will then do the visual field test when you visit us.
  3. In cases of brain damage, MRI or CT results (if available)
  4. Cardiological medical records (if available)
  5. List of drugs you are taking regularly
  6. Exclusion criteria list signed by your doctor. This list will be sent to you after you contacted us.

Please send your medical records (only copies, not originals!) via e-mail to: patient@savir-center.com, or via regular mail to the following address:  SAVIR-Center, Ulrichplatz 2, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany.

Step 3

After we receive your medical records they will be checked by our experts. This can take up to two weeks. We will contact you and will let you know if you are eligible for the ACS treatment as soon as possible.  After that your treatment at Savir Center is scheduled.

Step 4

Arrange your travel to the SAVIR Center and find an appropriate accommodation in Magdeburg (we can make recommendations of nearby hotels).  In case your language or that of your accompanying spouse or family member/ friend is not English, we or you need to arrange for a translator ahead of time.