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HRP and Humphrey-Perimetry are diagnostic procedures to test for the visual field loss.  By looking at the color of the visual varying from white to grey to black, you can find out what part of the visual field is normal (white), partially impaired (grey) or totally done (black).  Whereas HRP (High Resolution Perimetry) is an “easy” test, using quite bright visual stimuli for testing, the Humphrey-perimetry is a more difficult one to perform because it uses much for faint stimuli that are hard to detect.  But both tests give us important information to interpret the therapy effects in our patients.
Paula (Patient) from  Spain with a diagnosis Hemianopia and her son Diago share their expirience of visiting Savir Center:
“Dear all Savir Team, we here came wich a hope… to see better..and we go with tears…yes special tear…:

  • tears in the eyes because we see better.
  • tears in the heart because we have to leave a very nice team vith very comprehensive people and very professional treatment and answers to our questions.
  • tears in our soul because you have allow us to find a new way to see and a new way to accept and be once again happy in this life.

We all, my mother as a patient and me, thanks all of you and think that t is a first step of a long relationship…”
Read the full text (pdf).

Our patient from Singapore, who has been diagnosed with glaucoma, wrote us after his treatment:

Dear Professor Sabel & Elizabeth,
Trust that you are well and good after a wonderful summer holiday break. Many thanks for your excellent service, very clear explanation and warm hospitality during my ACS therapy in July 2018.

Here are my updates 14 days after treatment :

  • my eye condition continue to improve as my eyes are less sensitive to glare, night vision is better as I don’t get to see glare from red & green traffic light and street lights. I don’t have dry and tired eyes anymore. My eyes are taking in more lights as I can see my bedroom or office is brighter.
  • Many of my friends and family can testify that my eyes and face look much better. My eyes are less protruding and less red eyes compared to before therapy.
  • My sight and vision has slight improvement as I have more confident to cross roads as I can see slightly further.
  • I can read text in phone with longer stamina before getting tired. Start to enjoy watching movie on TV.

I continue to do eye yoga & relaxation breathing exercise and putting on grape seeds eye patch daily as well s taking Ginko plus, and other supplements.

Once again I am very thankful to Savir Centre for the ACS therapy that has helped to improve my Glaucoma condition. Best regards, P.C.”

Our patient from New Zeland, who has been diagnosed with glaucoma, wrote us after her treatment:

“Dear Elizabeth and all at the Savir Centre. The 2 month period is up now and much has eventuated since my time in Magdeburg for my treatment at the Savir Centre, and as promised I am spreading the word about your Holistic practice and the wonderful work you do there. I am grateful to all those engaged with my treatment. Since I have visited both my optometrist C.P. and Opthalmologist Prof M. E., both are amazed and very positive with regard to my positive result. They have both ordered Prof Benhard Sabels book, as have six of my siblings, Encl. is a report from my optometrist to my ophthalmologist M. E. following my visit to Germany. Both of the above received a copy of my report from Mr Sabel along with the eye yoga tuition, medications etc and both stated they were looking forward with interest to reading all the literature presented. The improvements in my vision day to day amaze both my husband Bruce and myself. The following are just some of my wow moments new to me.
1 I can see Bruce sitting next to me in the car while out driving.
2 I see the stars in the night sky.
3 I see the microwave radio tower on Mt Rochfort 10 kilometres away, from my kitchen window.
4 I can now identify which breed of bird is nearby in the trees/lawn.
5 When Mr Elder told me the pressures in my left eye was 8 and 10 in my right
6 When I could easily read the next line down on the letter chart at the optometrists, then the complete book of colour identification and so on!

Since returning home to N.Z there has been a lot of interest and questions asked of me regarding, A.C.T treatment both from people we know, also from family and friends. Our local newspaper reached out to me wanting an interview on the people of interest page about my recent visit and treatment, I considered if it could help others I was happy to contribute. It seems their are alot of people hopeful for some help either for themselves or their loved ones and I give them your website and tell them of Prof Sabels book.”

Read more about Yvonne’s experience in the article “Seeing stars after ‘miracle’ course“.

Our ex patient Massimo G., 63 years old from Italy with Diagnosis “diabetic retinopathy and secondary glaucoma” wrote us:
“Thank you so much for all your kindness. You were always extremely helpful during our stay here. Undertaking treatment in such a warm and welcoming environment has certainly improved the whole experience for us. We are extremely pleased with the amazing improvement we have witnessed in just two weeks of treatment, both in eyesight vision and mood. A great thanks to all of you, who took this journey with us and never let us feel alone!”
Patient H.C. 59 years old from Malaysia with Diagnosis “Diabetic retinopathy” and “Glaucoma” wrote us:
… we had a great time in Germany and memorable moments in Magdeburg, especially at SAVIR Center. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, every staff at the center, and Prof. Sabel for your professional care, which we felt dearly in our hearts. The treatment provides new possibilities and new hope for many patients who are now disheartened by the current treatment.
We have witnessed its effectiveness!
Homonymous hemianopia

Letter of thanks from one of our gratefull patients.


“…it was definitely worth to come to Savir Center. I’m satisfied with the results of the treatment. The vision field of my right eye became wider on the left side, so now I can see better with it. I can see a bit clearly as before, the vision is not so blurred anymore.  My far vision in the reft eye has also improved.  Unfortunately I didn’t notice any changes in the left eye.”

Comment by Savir Center:

Left eye – full blindness, diagnostics are not possible

Rihgt eye – Results after the treatmnet

HRP:  7% improvement

rechtes Auge vor der Therapie
Rechtes Auge nach der Therapie

Humphrey-Perimetrie: 2% improvement

Rechtes Auge vor der Therapie
Rechtes Auge nach der Therapie
Primary open angle glaucoma

“…During the therapy I noticed that my view field to the left side became wider. My vision is less foggy now. The light that was a big problem before is now less disturbing and not so angry, my eyes adapt more easily and quickly to the change of the light. I feel more comfortable while going out in the evening. I also can read easily because my eyes aren’t tired so fast anymore.”

Comment by Savir Center

Left eye – Results

HRP: 14% improvement

Linkes Auge vor der Therapie
Linkes Auge nach der Therapie

Humphrey-Perimetry: 16% improvement

Linkes Auge vor der Therapie
Linkes Auge nach der Therapie

Right eye – Results

HRP:  7% improvement

Rechtes Auge vor der Therapie
Rechtes Auge nach der Therapie

Humphrey-Perimetry: 2% improvement

Rechtes Auge vor der Therapie
Rechtes Auge nach der Therapie