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The whole treatment at the SAVIR Center takes two weeks and it consists of:

Initial diagnostics

Initial diagnostics take approximately three hours and include:

  • Neurological anamnesis
  • Visual acuity test
  • Visual fields test using perimetry
  • Visual fields test using high-resolution perimetry (HRP)
  • Contrast sensitivity test
  • Measurement of microsaccades (tiny eye movements), if appropriate

Entrance consultation

After diagnostics the entrance consultation will take place.

  • A Savir expert will explain the details of the therapy.
  • It will include a discussion of all the holistic aspects of vision loss related to your individual condition.
  • You will have sufficient time to ask questions about your disease and how to cope with it.

ACS therapy

The duration of the whole treatment is ten days: usually two blocks of five business days, so you will have a free weekend between the two sessions.

Alternating current stimulation is a noninvasive method to stimulate brain functions in order to activate residual vision in patients that have suffered brain lesions due to retina diseases, optic nerve damage, diabetic neuropathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, amblyopia, brain damage, and other vision problems of unknown causes.

The ACS therapy is performed with certified, non-invasive brain stimulation medical devices.

What does a typical session look like?
Two electrodes are placed above your eyebrows and one on your wrist. You don’t have to do anything, just sit for thirty minutes with your eyes closed. During this time alternating currents at specific frequencies and amplitudes are passed through the stimulating electrodes. The currents are at very low power (less than 1 micro ampere, lower than a heart pacemaker), and they are not at all harmful and not painful. Every treatment session takes about one hour per day.

Final diagnostics and interview

The final diagnostics are performed in the same way as the initial diagnostics. Here we can see any initial effects of the treatment by comparing diagnostic results from before versus after the treatment. But further improvement is expected in the weeks and months following the therapy. You will be given records of the results of your treatment, including the initial and final diagnostics. Our expert will explain to you what has changed, help interpret the meaning of the results, and provide you with further information and recommendations.

Holistic consultation

Your ability to see is not only a product of sensory processing in your eye but also how the brain makes use of the visual information it still gets, that is, how it uses any residual potentials. To activate such residual vision in an optimal way for each person, detailed and holistic evaluations are essential. These will be done during the first and the final consultations, but, where needed, additional consultations can be scheduled (at no extra cost) during the treatment period to optimize the activation of residual vision. Topics include the following: coping with vision loss, home exercises and training, eye exercises, stress and psychological issues, physical activity and sports, relaxation, and nutrition and nutritional supplements.


After discharge you will receive a full report of the therapy with all the diagnostic results and corresponding explanations and recommendations.

Video about the therapy