You Would Like to Come to Us for Treatment?

Want to come to Savir Center to restore your vision? Follow the following steps to plan your appointment with us.

In order to guarantee an individualized treatment in Magdeburg, we only admit a limited number of new patients per week. This allows us to take your wishes into accounts, such as treatment times, additional practice sessions, or extra discussions with experts.

Step 1

Check our criteria list, to know if your visual problem can be treated with the ACS therapy: Am I a candidate?

Step 2

Contact us by email or phone. After the first contact please organize your full medical file and send it to us. If available, please include:

  • Medical reports on therapies and operations performed (if available)
  • Current ophthalmological records
  • Visual field test results
  • MRT / CT examination results (if available)
  • Cardiological medical records (if available)
  • List of drugs you are taking regularly
  • The inclusion and exclusion criteria list signed by your doctor. This list will be sent to you after you contacted us.

Please send your medical records via e-mail to or via regular mail to the following address: Savir-Center, Ulrichplatz 2, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany. (please only send out copies, not the original documents). If you have any questions, you could contact us via our contact form.

Step 3

After we receive your medical records, our experts will review the documents.

We will contact you and will let you know if you are eligible for the ACS treatment as soon as possible. (This can take up to two weeks). After this, an appointment for the therapy can be scheduled.

Step 4

Arrange your trip to Savir Center and find appropriate accommodation in Magdeburg.

Savir Center is located in the center of Magdeburg, just in front of the Allee-Center, a shopping center. In this large shopping center, you will find parking facilities and numerous snack stands. We will be happy to help you to plan your accommodation with recommendations for nearby hotels.