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  • Winter Break 2022 SAVIR GmbH

    Winter Break 2022

    The Savir-Center will be closed for two weeks from the 19th of December to the 1rd of January during the winter break. You can still reach us via our contact form. Please note that the processing time might be up to 2 weeks due to the amount of requests we are receiving. We will get…

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  • Savir-Buch-Augenyoga-Anleitung

    Eye training: simple exercise that can improve your vision

    Like our arms and legs, our eyes are moved by contracting muscles. Attached to the back of the eyeball are several tiny muscles that can pull the eye in all directions. Keeping the eye muscles in shape with eye training is therefore essential for good vision. This article is also available as a video on…

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  • Glaucoma Success Stories: Franses Doubled Her Visual Field Size After Therapy SAVIR GmbH

    Glaucoma Success Stories: Franses Doubled Her Visual Field Size After Therapy

    Click here to listen to the glaucoma therapy success stories from Franses as audio (English): Franses N. was already over 70 years old when she came to Savir Center for therapy for vision loss caused by glaucoma. Since 1998 this Australian was suffering from normal-tension glaucoma. Even though she had visited several ophthalmologists, and tried…

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  • Eye_behind_leave

    Useful and Free Apps for People With Visual Impairment

    People with visual impairments often have a narrower or incompleted vision, some of them also suffer from foggy or blurred vision. For them, the daily activities are limited in various aspects. Thanks to the development of mobile technology, many supportive functions and app are developed, in order to help people with low-vision. In this article,…

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  • Eye-friendly Vegetables

    Lutein and Zeaxanthin – Eye-Friendly Nutrients

    Researchers have found out that the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent cataracts and AMD. These ingredients act as antioxidants and they are the only carotenoids that exist in our eye. Cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are the leading causes of visual impairment and blindness. And the visual performance is a key quality of…

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  • yoga

    Glaucoma Patient: Be Careful With These 4 Yoga Positions

    Even today, glaucoma patients are advised to avoid some certain physical activities such as pull-ups or weightlifting, because it may lead to a significant rise of intraocular pressure. The headstand positions are also considered to be dangerous. However, the influence of yoga positions has been not known, up until now.. Nowadays, yoga is a chosen…

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  • Mit altersbedingter Makuladegeneration Lesen neu üben

    Reading When Suffering Age-Related Macular Degeneration: New Exercise

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative disease, typically associated with older age that causes a large blind spot in the central visual field. When this vision loss hits both eyes, you’re apt to have trouble reading or fixating on something. One signal of this disease: you find you’re forced to turn your head when…

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  • Frauenauge Augeninnendruck

    Green Star (Glaucoma) and Eye Pressure

    The Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can cause vision loss and even blindness by damaging the eye’s optic nerve. The optic nerve transmits information from the retina to the brain. Contrary to macular degeneration, which affects the central vision, glaucoma affects the peripheral or side vision first. This ailment is very slow in developing. A…

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  • Let’s Get Physical: Exercise! SAVIR GmbH

    Let’s Get Physical: Exercise!

    Nature has many gifts for your healthy vision. Here is another one: sports! Therefore, consider boosting your eye health by regularly working out. It not only can help you lose weight and, if you are overweight, prevent diabetes, but it also curbs harmful inflammation and improves blood flow in the body. This can impact blood…

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