Treating Vision Loss Successfully

Are You Diagnosed With Glaucoma, Damage to the Optic Nerve, Macular Degeneration, Retinopathy or Vision Loss After Brain Damage for Example After a Stroke or Accident?

When confronted with loss of vision, one often thinks only of the eyes and the supposed pessimistic outlook. Prof. Bernhard Sabel sees vision from a holistic point of view and focuses his research on methods, that can recover lost vision. The Savir-therapy can re-activate the “silent” (sick) nerve cells in the retina, as well as the optic nerve and the brain. Through individually adjusted micro current therapy, as well as eye training and relaxation techniques, the Savir-therapy (named after Prof. Sabel) improves blood flow, the intra ocular pressure, and the synchronization of brain activity. The holistic Savir-therapy brings the optic nerve and brain back to the flow. The therapy is noninvasive, completely painless and without any risk.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel

“The optimization of residual vision is a holistic complement to ophthalmological care such as eye drops or surgeries. We keep continue at where other ophthalmology stops. We combine conventional medical science with new findings from modern brain research and traditional medicine methods.”

Worldwide Unique, a Holistic Therapy to Treat Optic Nerve Damage

Years of Leadership in Research

Years of Experience and Success in Patient Treatment

Guaranteed Individual Care

To ensure an individualized treatment in Magdeburg (Germany), only a limited number of patients are taken each week for the two-week therapy. Thus, the daily therapy sessions in the Savir-Center can be scheduled based on each patient´s preferences. There are no long waiting times, and the treatment goes by in a short time.
The expert team: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel (left), Kornelia Sabel (psychotherapist), Prof. Dr. Andrea Antal, and Dr. Tim-Oliver Treuheit.

The 5 Elements of the Savir-Therapy to Activate Residual Vision

  1. Examination and Consultation
    The 10-day therapy is framed by comprehensive initial and final interviews concerning the development and prognosis of the disease, psychological handling of the vision loss, lifestyle choices, and habits that can help with vision recovery.
  2. Microcurrent Therapy
    The core of Savir-therapy is the daily treatment with the worldwide unique microcurrent therapy for eyes and brain. The microcurrent activates neural networks to improve the processing of visual stimuli in the brain as well as improving blood flow in the eye. Thereby the “silent” nerve cells can be woken up, as they are getting supplied with more energy (oxygen, glucose) to process visual impulses. As a result, the visual performance improves.
  3. Eye Exercises – Also for Practice at Home
    This scientifically proven eye exercise helps to train the nerve cells in the retina, it is individually adapted to patients. The exercise relaxes eye muscles, the connective tissue around the eye, and improves blood circulation. Thus, micro eye movements (important for high resolution vision) are normalized. The result can be measured by the world’s first and unique measuring method, developed by Prof. Sabel.
  4. Stress Reduction Through Relaxation
    Prof. Sabel’s research shows that stress reduction can normalize the intra ocular pressure (IOP) and can significantly decrease inflammation factors as well as stress hormone levels, which in turn optimizes the blood circulation. For that reason, patients at Savir learn different relaxation techniques, which reduce stress noticeably. This enhances the effectiveness of the therapy and can counteract the progression of the disease.
  5. Handling the Disease and Lifestyles
    Savir patients learn how to successfully live with the disease in their daily lives, so that they can have a new health perspective and a better quality of life. In addition to that, consultations with the patients’ loved ones also play an important role in our therapy concept. Because family members/partners can also suffer from the patient’s condition.
My visual field gets better, I see my face again in the mirror and not only outlines like before. My expectations were completely fulfilled.
Michael Gottschling
The therapy has met my expectations. It was a very relaxing and restful time for me. The conversations I had with the employees were very enjoyable and informative. I’m leaving with a positive feeling and hope to see a further improvement of my vision.
Christian Berger
In addition to microcurrent therapy the positive outcome of the therapy is also influenced by a friendly Savir team and a great atmosphere!
Malgorzata Bodnar
The care is amazing. The whole team are incredibly friendly, helpful and answer all questions patiently. Worries and concerns are taken seriously, and the treatment is individually adapted to every patient. What is also amazing, is that patients aren’t given any false hope, instead, the chances of success are presented realistically. The rooms are spacious and modern, the atmosphere is very pleasant.
Paula Hartmann
Excellent. Achieved my objectives. Team are supportive whilst keeping to reasonable expectations.
Bob Hall
We came with open expectations and are leaving with good results and hope that it continues to get better. The Doctors and staff were very knowledgeable and direct, and went above and beyond our expectations.
Von Trent and Moriah Hunter

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Our patients come to us in Magdeburg from all over Germany and many other countries worldwide e.g.: Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland, Malta, Turkey, USA, Canada, Dubai/UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Australia

Joe Lovett from New York has been visiting Savir Center several times since 2010. You can download his case as PDF here. You can download his case here as a PDF file.

He has made a movie about our therapy, you can find the video on YouTube with subtitles in several languages.

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Savir Therapy: From the Research Field

The Savir-Center in Magdeburg offers an innovative and holistic therapy for the improvement of visual damage after optic nerve disease (e.g. glaucoma), brain injury or stroke.

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