We Take Care of Your Eyesight

The Savir Center offers a holistic therapy for the improvement of low vision and partial blindness following diseases of the retina, optic nerve, or brain. The goal of the therapy is the improvement and most efficient use of residual vision, that is the abilities the patient still has.  The therapy is effective independent of age, duration of the vision loss, or its level of severity. We strengthen those visual capacities which were neglected or even actively suppressed by the eye and brain. Our motto is: “dwell not on what you have lost, focus on what is still there and strengthen it.” Savir’s alternating brain current stimulation to enhance residual vision is at the center of our therapy.

Our patients are not only treated medically, they also learn how to cope with their vision loss and how to improve their quality of life by adapting to it. Consider that a visual handicap is much more than just having lost vision. It can result in fear, loss of independence, and loss of social contact in the workplace and at home. Patients and their family members cannot be left alone with their problem. Therefore, our therapists look at the patient behind the eye: we offer help with many different problems related to vision loss, both medically and psychologically. This makes the Savir service unique in the world.

Our holistic therapy also considers the person behind the eye: We provide the patients with assistance on all topics related to the visual impairment, medically and psychologically. Our approach is unique of this kind.

We are passionate about our work because we are on the forefront of science and clinical application in vision restoration. We have developed a new, holistic concept that is unique in the world. The personality of the patient is important to us and we look for optimal solutions for each individual. We are open to new approaches. The intensive cooperation with scientists and clinicians all over the world makes it possible for us to incorporate the latest findings into our work. If you have heard “blind stays blind”, then you are in the right place – because we keep working on where the others have stopped.