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in the brain

Press and Public Relations at the Medical Faculty of University Magdeburg  The doctoral student Zheng Wu and neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel have discovered neuronal network changes in the brain and demonstrated their significance for visual perception and recovery from optic nerve damage

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Villager´s Vision Improves After Glaucoma Treatment in Germany

Patient feedback from Glaucoma patient after Savir Therapy. YouTube video

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Don’t be afraid to think big (Interview)

IFCN-Clinical Neurophysiology  – Online interview with Prof. Bernhard Sabel, Institute of Medical Psychology, Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany.

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Professor Sabel is awarded the Gusi Peace Prize (2019) in Manila

The Gusi Peace Prize is awarded to individuals/groups who contribute to peace and respect for human life and dignity.

Introduction of the Book

The book deals with the medical and physiological consequences of vision loss and blindness and is aimed at deluded patients.

It summarizes the state of medical and psychological knowledge and contains many practical recommendations for patients.