Treating Visual Field Loss

What does visual field loss mean?

The field of vision refers to the area that is perceived when looking straight forward and with no movement. In case of stroke, brain trauma, tumor disease or diabetic retinopathy, regions in the brain can be damaged and the processing of eyesight can be impaired. This can lead to visual field loss!

In this case, parts of the vision are lost or function only insufficiently. Particularly with stroke and brain trauma, visual field loss can occur suddenly. Often, minor failures are not immediately noticed by the patient. Once the vision has been lost, it was previously considered incurable. But even in cases of permanent damage, significant improvements can be achieved with various therapy methods.

Simulation of eye & brain functions

Not only the eye, but also the brain is involved in vision. There are about 300 grams more responsible nerve tissue in the brain than in the eye itself. In the treatment of visual field loss, we focus on holistic methods to optimize your eye and brain functions.

The treatment is based on stimulation with alternating current impulses. This promotes the synchronization of your brain as well as the optimization of activation and functioning of the remaining nerve cells. After only a few weeks, your vision will improve significantly.

Supportive muscle training for the eyes

Physical activity keeps the body strong and flexible. This also applies to your eyes! In the treatment of visual field loss, we use effective eye exercises in all directions to promote perfect synchronization of your eye movements and improve your motion vision. Blood circulation and coordination of your eye muscles are strengthened, so that your eyes become more flexible, stable and healthy – which is essential for a continuous success of the vision restoration therapy.

Supporting Stress Reduction: Relaxation and Psychological Counselling

We do not only treat eyes, but also the people behind the eyes! Stroke, brain injury, tumors or diabetic retinopathy is already a heavy burden for every affected person. A visual field loss is a significant challenge in daily life. With progressive loss of vision, a person loses his/her independence and the fear of complete blindness grows. Frequent consequences: Helplessness, social isolation, depression.

A vicious circle arises in which stress and vision loss cause each other. An important focus of the holistic savir-therapy is therefore to break this damaging cycle. With various relaxation methods and psychological conversations we help you to calmly deal with visual field impairment, to reduce fears and stress as well as to develop new life perspectives. We always look for optimal solutions for each individual in case of visual field loss.